Our Story

Wirestock started as a team of four — Mikayel Khachatryan, Ashot Mnatsakanyan, Vladimir Khoetsyan, and Hovhannes Kuloghlyan were four friends passionate about all things tech. Fueled by sheer curiosity and an adventurous spirit, they set out to fix the headaches faced by modern-day creatives. After countless conversations with artists, they finally landed on an idea that really intrigued them; what if creators were able to sell their work on multiple marketplaces all at once?

And with the birth of this central idea, the rest was history. The team, now growing internationally and in large numbers, was coming up with more tools to make a creator’s journey as seamless as ever— this is also when automated keywording and digital model releases came into play.

Now flaunting millions of distributed files and tens of thousands of creators earning passive income, Wirestock’s actively working on expanding its reach. The future holds more automation, more monetization channels, NFT sales, and more.

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What We Value

Wirestock embraces the creative spirit in all its shapes and forms; this goes for both our creator base and wonderful staff. Pushing the envelope of what it means to be tied to just one thing, Wirestock exists in the intersection of creativity and everyday life. Let us explain.

Picture an accountant who likes cooking, a bartender who hikes, or a professional photographer with an avid interest in collectible motorcycles. Fascinating pastimes on the surface, these hobbies can potentially become means of secondary income; all people need is an interest in photography and a wandering lens. Wirestock then becomes a tool for these people to monetize their hobbies, turning those authentic shots into a legitimate source of income.

Millions of people visually document their lives online, completely unaware of the commercial potential of their work. They simply settle for a few hundred likes and compliments from their friends and family—our platform urges you to go beyond that.

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What We Do

We live in an age when monetizing your content, be it photography, videography, or graphic art, goes hand-in-hand with a slew of manual steps. To sell your work online, you’d have to search the web for marketplaces, sign up individually on each one, fill out extensive forms, deal with payments on multiple sites, come up with keywords, captions, and categories, as well as print and sign model releases.

These steps alone are enough to put a creative off selling their content, however, this is far from the only issue; there is also the question of which marketplace to choose. Here at Wirestock, we eliminate all the manual steps such as keywording and captioning, all the while helping you reach as many potential buyers as possible. Through one-door access to the world’s largest marketplaces (Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Alamy, Pond5, and many others), all it takes is a single click and you won’t have to limit yourself to one channel of income anymore.

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