Who Can Join?

Anyone who creates quality photos, illustrations, and videos that can be used for commercial and editorial purposes.

Where and How Is My Content Sold?

Your content is sold on stock content marketplaces/agencies such as Shutterstock, Adobe, Alamy, Getty Images, and many more.

The most common transaction is the purchase of a royalty-free, non-exclusive license which allows infinite paid downloads of the same photo, illustration, or video over time. As a result, you are able to earn recurring royalties on the same content from multiple buyers.

Why Do I Need Wirestock?

Wirestock’s one-of-a-kind “Easy Submission” tool takes the writing of metadata off of creators’ shoulders, filling out descriptions, titles, keywords, and other required fields for them. The required information will be filled out by Wirestock submission experts, so you will be getting top quality while boosting your sales in the meantime. It is available free of charge for Wirestock creators.

How Do I Get Paid?

Payment structure

You will get 85% of all royalties earned through Wirestock. The earnings will be displayed on your dashboard. At the end of each month, you will be paid the total amount earned if the balance on your account exceeds the minimum payout amount of $30.00.

Payment options

Wirestock has multiple payout options; we are currently supporting PayPal and Payoneer.

Do I Have To Give Up The Rights To My Content?

Not at all. You will remain the sole owner of your content forever.

How Do I Track My Sales?

All marketplace sales can be found on your dashboard. Wirestock has made it so you can track everything hassle-free, from a single place, and without dealing with marketplaces individually.

Does Wirestock Aim To Replace The Existing Marketplaces ?

No, but Wirestock does make the process of submitting content to the existing stock photo marketplaces faster and easier than ever before.

What Is a Model/Property Permission form?

As the name suggests, a model permission form is a document that a person signs to give permission for their likeness to be used in a photograph, video, or other such content. Property permission forms are similar documents giving permission for a specific location or piece of property to be used in your content.

Remember: each recognizable individual or property captured in your content will require a separate model permission.

How Does Wirestock Make Money?

We don’t earn unless you do—opening a Wirestock account is free. We do charge a 15% commission on earned royalties. So if your photo sells for $2 on a stock agency, you will get $1.70 and we will earn $0.30. Wirestock also offers a paid premium plan with various additional features.

What is Wirestock premium?

Wirestock’s premium plan unlocks features unavailable to regular creators. Features like additional 100 marketplace submissions, portfolio pro, faster keywording and review (done in less than 48 hours), round-the-clock customer support, and the ability to download files with metadata are all available at $7.79/month (paid annually) and $12.99/month (paid monthly).

What is portfolio pro?

Wirestock offers its premium users the option of selling prints, collections, and digital licenses directly from their portfolio pro. With zero commission and price control on all content, the portfolio pro is an upgrade to the free version provided by the platform.

Who has access to portfolio pro?

Upgrading from a regular portfolio to portfolio pro is available for Wirestock premium users only.

How is portfolio pro different from a regular portfolio?

A regular portfolio does not give creators the option to price their content themselves whereas portfolio pro does. Additionally, selling with zero commission is available only with portfolio pro.

How do I sell prints?

All your images are available to purchase as prints directly from your portfolio. Just share the link to your portfolio with potential clients through social media, DMs, or your personal website; your prints will be delivered globally through our shipping partner network.

What is my markup when I sell prints?

The current base price is fixed at $5. All the other costs depend on printing and shipping. For instance, if a buyer selects any of your images to print as a 20x40 poster, the price will total to $35 ($24 for the printing and materials, $6 for the shipping, $3.5 for you, and $1.5 as commission to Wirestock).

Does Wirestock Require Exclusivity?

No. Our only requirement is that you do not upload the same content to any marketplace with both your personal and Wirestock account. You may, however, have the same content on one marketplace with your personal account and have it on another marketplace with your Wirestock account. Take this as an example:

If you have an image on Depositphotos with your personal account, you may not upload the same image to Depositphotos with your Wirestock account. However, you may submit that same image to Pond5 and other marketplaces with your Wirestock account as long as you do not upload the same image to these marketplaces later with your personal account.

What do I get with Extra Channels?

We’re constantly seeking new partnerships with brands, stock photo agencies, print-on demand marketplaces, API integrations, and other platforms to expand the market for our creators. Wirestock’s Extra Channels program provides you with even more opportunities to make money with your content. Anytime we’re approached by a company interested in purchasing content from Wirestock, we find the very best, helping our creators maximize sales for every image, video, or vector.

All sales through Extra Channels are reported on your dashboard, with specific information about each source. It is important to note that pricing and royalty rates may vary. For standard partnerships, it will be 15%. However, in some cases, our commission rate may be higher than 15% (but never more than 50%) due to costs related to sales fees, integration and maintenance costs and specific partnership types.

What is the Instant Pay Program?

Wirestock has partnered with several platforms that pay for content on a one time basis, in advance, as opposed to paying per download. Creators who choose to enroll in the Instant Pay Program (IPP), will be paid for each image selected by every IPP partner.

Our IPP partners include stock photo marketplaces, designer tools, business promotion tools and other platforms that offer commercial content to their customers.

Once the content is purchased through IPP, our partners can distribute it through their platforms according to their pricing model or use it for their own projects.

Which marketplaces, agencies and partners does Wirestock work with?

Here is the list of marketplaces and agencies that Wirestock works with: Shutterstock, Adobe, Alamy, Getty Images and iStock, Dreamstime, Pond5, Depositphotos, 123RF, and Freepik.

Wirestock also licenses content to businesses such as brands, marketing agencies, and creative studios directly as part of Extra Channels. We are always looking to expand the number of content partners we work with to maximize your earnings.

How does the Dataset Deals Program work?

The Dataset Deals Program is where Wirestock licenses your content to selected third parties. When you submit content to Wirestock, it automatically participates in the Dataset Deals Program unless you opt out (to do that, selecting the option for Dataset Deals in the account settings). Your earnings from this program are based on your fraction of total participating content and 50% of the total payment from program partners. Earnings from this program will be added to your balance. For more info, please refer to our terms and conditions.

Do You Have A Referral Program?

We sure do! Anyone inviting new content contributors to Wirestock can participate in our referral program. You can find and copy your individual referral link on the dashboard page of your account.

Once your referral has successfully signed up with Wirestock, you will earn ten percent (10%) of the total royalties earned by your referral for an entire year. For instance, if they earn $500, that’s an extra $50 in your pocket. Please note: Wirestock will pay you the commission fee from our portion (the 15%), the referral commission will not affect your referral’s earnings in any way.

What is Wirestock Discord Bot?

Wirestock Bot is a single-click tool to upscale and submit Midjourney generated images to Wirestock directly from Discord. The images you upscale and sell through the bot will be available for sale not only on stock content marketplaces but also directly on your Wirestock portfolio for direct downloads and print purchases.

How to use the Wirestock Discord Bot for selling Midjourney images?

To start using the bot, follow these steps:

  • Install Bot: Add Wirestock bot to your Discord account by following this link.

  • Connect Wirestock Account:

    • Go to your Wirestock account and copy your Unique Discord Token in the Account Settings.

    • Next, go to your Discord server and simply type /login command and paste the token you just copied from your Account Settings.

  • Upscale and Sell on Wirestock: Simply click on the “More” icon

    next to the Midjourney upscaled image, go to “Apps” and select “Upscale and Publish”. The bot will then upscale your image and send it for sale through your Wirestock portfolio.

  • Progress Status: The bot will send you a message once your image is upscaled and published.