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Wirestock's Highlights of 2019

Wirestock's Highlights of 2019

As we are wrapping up 2019, we wanted to share Wirestock’s recap of the most successful contributors and the partnering agencies. We understand that our contributors are interested in what type of content sells best on Wirestock. This blog post is going to cover the top successful and leading contributors that earn through our platform.

Photos of the year

Interestingly enough, this photo by GXM, with no extra editing, was the highest-selling photo to date.
This is a perfect example of how a simple image can be of significance for someone who's specifically looking for a certain shot!

And the most downloaded photo of the year is this incredible piece of work by Ben White.

Photographers of the year
Our top three most downloaded photographers to date are:

Ben White with his amazing photoshoots with models featuring religious scenarios and traditional country lifestyles of Americans.
GXM with his small but very effective portfolio of different backgrounds, wallpapers, and a kangaroo.
Sebastiaan van Hamersvelt capturing the beauty of the outside world with his close-ups of different insects, animals, and greenery.
(Check their portfolios by clicking on their names)

And the largest portfolio on our platform belongs to:
The one and only, Ben White, a whopping number of 3776 photos!

Agencies of the year.
The top three agencies ranked by total sales are:

  1. Adobe
  2. Shutterstock
  3. Dreamstime 

What to shoot in 2020
Here are some examples of the shots to go for in the upcoming year.
We hope this list helps you plan your shots ahead of time, Wirestockers!

1. Vibrant imagery

strawberries on white bowl

Try and be as natural as possible to keep the attention from going off the edge.
(Photo by Davies Designs Studio)

2. Vertical shots

photo of empty road between rock formations

Try capturing your images from DSLR or mirrorless camera in a vertical orientation. Find scenes that fit it — not vice-versa.
(Photo by Madhu Shesharam)

3. Relaxing wedding photography

man and woman holding hands

Look at a wedding as a documentary project and less like a photoshoot session.
(Photo by Drew Coffman)

4. More drones!

black DJI Mavi quadcopter near body of water

Be sure to check where you can and can’t fly and use a filter for those well-lit situations.
(Photo by Karl Greif)

5. Saffron 14-1064

Saffron 14-1064 color

We expect this color to be trendy in 2020. If you can’t find a natural environment that shows this color, you can color swap subjects, areas, or backgrounds using editing tools. Get creative!

6. 360 Photography Trend

small planet photography of buildings

If you don’t have the capital to invest in an expensive device, you can recreate the same technique by using special tripod heads for these kinds of shots.
(Photo by Elio Santos)

4. Film, Film, Film

flat lay photography of person showing photo film beside Zenit DSLR camera

There are horses for courses, and there are also photographic films for portraits if you need them.
(Photo by NordWood Themes)

5. Natural eerie environment

calm body of water surrounded by mountain and fogs

Whatever photography field you capture in, try to aim to shoot outside. Product photography can work well, for example, with an outdoor situational eerie scenery.
(Photo by Milo McDowell)

6. Lose the DSLR

Photo of a compact Sony camera

Sony, Fujifilm, and many other camera manufacturers have great and cheaper versions for enthusiasts. Make sure to check them out!

7. Minimalism

white wooden table near brown chair

When approaching a scene, look at what can be removed. Depending on your composition, you can wait for elements to move (in street photography, for example), or aim for simpler backgrounds.
(Photo by Bench Accounting)


Happy new year! We hope you kick off your new year with a bang! Best of luck, Wirestockers!



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