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Wirestock's top picks for December!

Here is the most requested content for December presented by Wirestock
Wirestock's top picks for December!

To help you know what subjects to focus on, we’ve made a list of high-demand content for December. Customers will be looking for images highlighting the sports lifestyle, natural foods and medicine, interiors of beautiful spaces, and social media stars. Plan your shoots and uploads accordingly!

Natural food & medicine

- Images of all things CBD will be in-demand, particularly graphic design and creative representations of CBD products in a mature, minimalist way.
- A call to nature and wellness.
- Lifestyle images of people using natural ingredients such as turmeric, aloe vera, charcoal, hibiscus, and eucalyptus are popular.
- Top-down visuals of unbranded natural kitchen and bath products will also be in high demand.

Sports lifestyle

- Visuals of diversity in sports will be in huge demand.
- Capture individuals that represent a range of genders, ethnicities, abilities, and backgrounds.
- Users will be searching for images of people playing individual sports (boxing, bowling, skateboarding) as well as team sports (football, soccer, basketball).
- Images of parties where people are watching sports will also be popular (free of any intellectual properties).

Interiors of beautiful spaces

- It’s what’s on the inside that counts!
- Creatives will be searching for beautiful images of interior spaces as well as kitchen and bathroom interiors.
- Visuals of home spaces, social areas (breweries, cafes, coworking spaces), and well-designed markets and restaurants will be sought out, and don’t forget those property releases!

Social media stars

- Influencers are so hot right now, and we're looking for images depicting the “influencer lifestyle” of social media celebrities.
- Create visuals of influencers and social media stars taking images (or selfies) in aspirational locations.
- Showcasing social media marketing and the website creation process will also be #popular.

Best of luck Wirestockers!
Kindest regards:
Eric Alexanders from team Wirestock.

Posted 5 months ago