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Wirestock's top picks for September!

Here is the most requested content for September presented by Wirestock
Wirestock's top picks for September!

Photo courtesy of James Pritchett

To help you know what subjects to focus on, we have made a list of high-demand content for September. Customers will be looking for images that include depictions of the power of youth, the flu season, driving, and photography as a lens to the world. Plan your shoots and uploads accordingly!

The power in our youth

- International Children’s Day is November 20th and images of youth from around the world will be in demand.
- Capture shots of children having fun, like building a treehouse or playing outside.
- Document the issues—bad and good—that children face around the world, including trafficking and abuse.
- Highlight children of diverse ethnicities, ages, abilities, and genders. Remember, content with recognizable faces must include model releases.

Photography as a lens to the world

- Upload images depicting people engaged in photography in authentic situations.
- Get shots of people editing photos on their computers in modern environments.
- Instant camera and film frames are always a popular and distinct style searched for.
- Shoot people taking photos of others, including cameras, camera phones, and other gear.

It’s flu season!

- Customers will be searching for images depicting allergies and the upcoming flu season.
- Upload images of people sneezing, blowing their nose, and other visual symptoms.
- Get creative in depicting sore throats and fevers, at home or in the workplace.
- Medical images and illustrations will be a hot topic, like flu shots and check-ups.

Driving and transportation

- People will be searching for content that represents transportation and transport situations.
- Capture or create visuals of technologically-advanced transport, like self-driving cars.
- Find environmentally-conscious travel choices, including electric vehicles, electric scooters, and bicycles.
- Get down and dirty by shooting mechanical work, such as tow trucks and car repair.
- Photograph or recording individuals driving for a living, like bus drivers and chauffeurs.

Good luck and Godspeed Wirestockers!
Kind regards: Eric Alexanders from team Wirestock.

Posted 9 months ago