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How to Generate Images with Wirestock

  • Describe your desired scene as a prompt

  • Choose a style

  • Upscale the images you like

  • Post for sale on Wirestock, Marketplaces or participate in challenges


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What is Wirestock’s AI Image Generator?

Wirestock’s AI Image Generator is an innovative tool that leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to create unique, high-quality images and art. Whether you’re a professional artist or a hobbyist, our AI Image Generator offers a seamless way to produce market-ready visual content. You can apply a wide range of styles, including photographic, cinematic, digital art, and more, to truly make each creation your own.

Is the Wirestock AI Art Generator free?

Wirestock offers a range of plans to suit different needs. While we have a free plan that allows for limited usage, our Premium AI plan provides more extensive features, including 200 monthly AI generations and 200 marketplace/challenge submissions.

Can I participate in Wirestock’s creative challenges with my AI-generated art?

Yes! Wirestock offers daily and weekly creative challenges with cash prizes. You’re welcome to submit your AI-generated art, and the best part is, you can do so with just a single click right after generating your image.

Can I sell my AI-generated art on Wirestock?

Absolutely. Wirestock provides a platform for you to sell your AI-generated art on major marketplaces like Adobe Stock, Freepik, Dreamstime, and Imago. Additionally, creators have the unique opportunity to sell their content along with prompts directly on the Wirestock platform itself.

Can I sell my AI art and prompts from my Wirestock portfolio?

Yes, you can. Your Wirestock portfolio acts as a showcase for all your creative works, including AI-generated art, prompts, collections and challenge participations.